Money Tips For Your Adult Kids

Matthew Mullowney |

Your adult children need all the support and encouragement they can get from you when it comes to the issue of money. In the current situation, people require the advice of experienced individuals who have been through life and not just financial advisors. Saving money, early retirement planning, avoiding debts, and investing in education are important topics your adult kids need to know more about in detail. Give them a priceless gift of wisdom.

Help Them Learn From Your Financial Experience

Letting your kids know about your earning and spending life, and the time things went right and wrong, will help them make better money decisions in their own lives. When you are young, it seems everything is going to be alright forever, and you have the time to do whatever you want. Sharing your money experience with them will help them sit up and make better decisions early in life.

Start Your Retiring Plan Early

Most people don't take retirement plans seriously until they are past their 40s or 50s. Help them understand why earlier is better when it comes to chalking up a plan for retiring, and why spending less than they earn can save them a whole lot of regrets when they are older. Introduce them to your financial advisor to provide them with all the retirement and emergency planning options available for them to choose from. You should also let them know that more time means more money, which guarantees a better future for them.

Saving Should Be Consistent

It can be a bit hard to teach independent adults about the importance of saving. Don't offer unlimited advice, but keep it brief. Share your experience on how you saved money on every dollar you earned when you are at their age. Help them understand the dangers of living a luxurious lifestyle, which can cost them future happiness. Advise them against quitting the job they don't like before finding a new one and teach them about the sweet and sour of buying on credit.

Be Creative

Instead of buying them a car or expensive jewelry for their wedding or graduation, why not offer them money they can pay ahead of their student loan. You can also start their retirement plans and emergency savings by proposing to fund an IRA or match their 401(K) contributions.

Young adults are wild and adventurous, but you can help them retain their lifestyle without losing themselves along with it. Offer them advice but be careful the way you present it. Instead of talking direct, tell them about your experiences and show them how you did it. Let them know that it may not be the sweet forever, and the only thing that will save their soul is what they have saved.