Is there a minimum amount required to invest?

We believe every investor has a home. Whether it's with a robo-advisor platform or a financial advisor, we want investors to have the opportunity to put their money to work for them. Cadillac Wealth Advisors works with investors of a minimum of $500,000 of investable assets for our holistic wealth advisory program. We also offer a lower-cost program for young investors with little current complexity to their lives while still having access to a financial advisor. As things change, these investors can graduate to a direct advisory relationship with Cadillac Wealth Advisors.

Our current offer platforms available to our incoming clients:

1) One platform is designed for young accumulators with little complexity. These clients have access to our Guided Wealth Program which offers effective low-cost investment management with access to a financial advisor within our firm. The account minimum is $5,000. Please ask a member of Cadillac Wealth Advisors for more information.

2)Cadillac Wealth Advisors advisors is a wealth management program that offers holistic wealth management beyond investments. The account minimum for this relationship is $500,000 which is due to increase in 2022 to $1,000,000.