Insurance Services

Insurance Planning, yes, we do that too.

Our integrated wealth management approach addresses all of the relevant areas of personal finance, including:
  • Investment & Income Management  

  • Taxes 

  • Estate Planning

  • Insurance Planning 

As individuals age, insurance needs change and may undoubtedly participate in all 4 of these elements through protection or advanced planning strategies. People can help protect their families and assets with products like life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability, and annuities. Navigating the numerous insurance products and plans available can be overwhelming. We help our clients determine the best route to meet their needs with personalized solutions with an estate insurance audit.
So, what do we offer? A comprehensive Holistic Insurance Audit of all things insurance. 

  • Why a Holistic Insurance Audit? Your estate is not just what is in front of you; It's your family, your business, your property, and the outside risks that could break the barriers that have been put in place to support them.

  • An insurance audit is part of Cadillac Wealth Advisors' comprehensive approach to financial planning. As independent insurance agents, we examine your life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies, along with any annuities, noting the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • You will receive a clear, one-page summary that will help you understand your policies and determine if your coverage meets your needs. 

What are the benefits of a Holistic Insurance Audit? 
  • Simplification & Peace of Mind—Our comprehensive summary of your insurance policies ensure that you can easily understand that your coverage and plan benefits align with your needs. The audit also provides you with peace of mind knowing that an independent insurance professional has thoroughly evaluated your policies. 

  • Clarity—Life, disability, and long-term care policies are complicated and can have many moving parts. An audit will help you better understand your approaches so you can maximize their use. 

  • Confidence that your policies are appropriately structured—Our audit can help ensure that your insurance is adequate for unexpected life events. We also verify titling, beneficiary designations, and the other vital details of your existing policies. Titling and beneficiary errors can have a significant negative impact on your overall financial plan. 

What additional services do I receive as part of the Holistic Insurance Audit process? 
  • Records of Your Policy Details—Besides providing you with a copy of our audit, we will also keep a detailed record of your insurance coverage on file if you want to revisit your coverage or something happens to your copy.  

  • Processing Your Insurance Claims—When tragedy strikes, whether in the form of death or disability, deciphering insurance coverage and how to file a claim only adds to your stress. Once we have completed an audit of your policies, we will have all the necessary information to process claims on your behalf. 

  • Is there an additional cost associated with the insurance audit? No. This service is included in our integrated wealth management approach. An insurance audit is offered at no extra cost to you. 

What type of insurance policies are included in the audit? 
Cadillac Wealth Advisors will review your life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies and any annuities you may have. This includes private coverage and any insurance provided through your employer. We will also review your property and casualty insurance to make sure you are protected there as well but Cadillac Wealth Advisors does not underwrite these types of insurances.
What will I receive? 
You will receive an Insurance Audit Summary Report, a detailed one-page analysis of your insurance policies. 

  • We will review the benefits available through your policies and offer an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

  • The summary report can be uploaded to your secure financial planning vault for safekeeping. If we believe it will benefit you, we may recommend new or additional insurance coverage. You are under no obligation to purchase insurance coverage from us to complete your complimentary audit. 

How long will the insurance audit take? 
  • The audit can take up to a few months, depending on the insurance carriers' responsiveness and the complexity of your insurance policies. 

What do I need to do? 
  • Your part of the audit is easy! You need to provide your policy information and signed authorizations to allow us to contact each insurance company. 

  • We will communicate with the insurance carriers and obtain all necessary data to complete the audit.

Note: We will review your personal property policies, such as homeowners, auto, and jewelry coverage but cannot underwrite or transact these insurances.

Annuity Planning

There are many reasons to buy annuities, depending on your lifestyle needs. Among other benefits, they can provide you with guaranteed income for life, a way to provide for your loved ones, protection against losing your initial investment, and help with long-term care costs.
Annuities can be complicated, partly because they come in so many varieties and may offer what we call “riders”.  Riders can make things feel confusing and difficult to choose. They’re more like choosing what features or model you want of a particular vehicle you are choosing at the car dealership. Do you get the platinum package, the limited, or maybe just simply the LX or DX model?  In that sense, because they come with so many model types and features, finding the right one for you can feel daunting. We educate and help select the kind that suits you and your situation.
You can also add different features, akin to what we call “riders” bolted onto the chassis of your annuities. Like ice cream toppings, annuity riders usually come at an additional cost. Sometimes some of the features can sound too good to be true, when in fact they are too good to be free. So, is the cost worth the benefit to your situation and what you desire? We will find out together.
The point here is that you can design annuities to meet your needs. So, what one person may consider complicated, others see as customizable.
In general, annuities provide safety, long-term growth, and income. You can manage how much income and how much risk you’re comfortable with.
Annuities are one way to save your money tax-deferred until you are ready to receive retirement income. They’re often insurance against outliving your retirement savings. And they can be a way to provide for your loved ones after you die or for yourself should you need long-term care.


Variable annuities are suitable for long-term investing, such as retirement investing. Gains from tax-deferred investments are taxable as ordinary income upon withdrawal. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company. Withdrawals made prior to age 59 ½ are subject to a 10% IRS penalty tax and surrender charges may apply. Variable annuities are subject to market risk and may lose value. Riders are additional guarantee options that are available to an annuity or life insurance contract holder. While some riders are part of an existing contract, many others may carry additional fees, charges and restrictions, and the policy holder should review their contract carefully before purchasing. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.