Matthew Mullowney | President | Cadillac Wealth Advisors LA

Matthew Mullowney CPFA

President / Founder
707.239.8272 / 225.306.3077

Matthew is the founder and president of Cadillac Wealth Advisors, an independent investment advisory firm founded in Louisiana. Matthew serves women and same-sex couples who seek an equal chance at financial success as everyone else.  He has a passion for helping his clients see a clear path in balancing life and opportunities by performing goals-driven financial planning. 

Matthew has a distinctive plan-driven, collaborative process to enable his clients to stay firmly on track and clearly understand the opportunities ahead. Matthew enjoys educating his clients who seek to clearly understand their retirement plan and goals and how to navigate their investment concerns with the heart and care of a teacher. Gathering years of experience as a financial fiduciary and knowledge of the business world, he focuses on crafting an actionable and comprehensive plan that coincides with what is most important to them. 

Over the years, Matthew has augmented his knowledge of business-based retirement plans by obtaining his designation as a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor. He also believes social security benefits require special care and execution. Matthew has served numerous recognized investment firms honing his craft in the industry including, Wells Fargo Advisors, New Aspect Financial Services, and Vintage Wealth Advisors. Matthew gives credit to his father, who started schooling him in the investment world at the young age of 16. 

Originally from Michigan, Matthew has been involved in the fine dining hospitality industry for over a decade and a half. Before stepping into the world of financial advisory, he served as a Professional Michelin-rated Chef for over 15 years. During this time, Matthew has had the luxury to travel the country and served in Phoenix, Orlando, Nantucket, and Chicago. A graduate of Scottsdale Culinary Institute, he always had an unparalleled love for food and a passion for serving others.

After concluding his culinary career at a Michelin Star Restaurant in Napa, California, Matthew stepped into the financial world to carry forward his passion for hospitality.   Matthew's business is a stylistically holistic coaching and collaborative leadership-driven approach. Understand each person's unique story allows Matthew to tailor prudent advice to every client.

Matthew is a family man who, above all things, cherishes spending time with his wife and kids. His previous career as a professional chef still shows an evident passion through his continued love for entertaining and enjoying finely crafted food.